World’s Earliest Form of ‘Soccer’ at Linzi Football Museum in Zibo, China

All the football betting enthusiasts have heard of the Cuju and “Football” museum in China. This famous, or infamous museum was dedicated to football, claiming that the earliest form of this sport comes from China. So, even though you cannot bet on Cuju at sportsbooks as you can on the regular football and receive the Allwin City welcome bonus, you can always learn more about this museum and this ancient sport. Take a look.

What is the Connection between Cuju and Football?

No one can claim with certainty that what we call EU football today originates from Cuju, but yet, there are people who believe in that. After all, who could be certain that a game played by kicking a ball is in direct relations with the contemporary Association Football?

We all know that most people consider England modern football’s origin place. But, no one can deny the fact that Cuju resembles the sport to some extent. It dates back to the 3rd century BC and it used to be some form of military training and exercise. Supposedly, later on, the game was played for entertainment purposes only.  

Ther used to be both male and female cuju teams during the Tang and Song dynasties. Some sources say that this Chinese sport used to be quite popular during that time. Nowadays, the visitors of the Linzi Football Museum in Zibo, China can see the cuju reenactments on a daily basis. 

Back to the Museum

The museum itself is located in Zibo, Shandong Province in China and the visitors claim that it is worth visiting. Moreover, it is built on around 2,500 meters and it features three permanent exhibitions. 

Firstly, the visitor will be able to see the ancient Cuju exhibition, which is the favorite one among the visitors. The exhibition provides the spectators the insight into the culture experienced from the Cuju point of view. It offers pieces such as some clay village miniatures as well as military training grounds where Cuju used to be played. 

Secondly, the museum offers a contemporary world football exhibition where you can have more fun. The visitors will be able to find miniature prints of the School of Athens and the Mona Lisa. This is included in order to show the Renaissance influence on EU football. In addition, football fans will be able to see some goalkeeper gloves, shin guards and football socks. 

All who visit this two-floored museum will be able to go to the room dedicated to all the FIFA presidents. Furthermore, there are parts where some playful and entertaining games could be played. The whole track where the third exhibition is placed is enriched with life-size bronze figures. These are some of the greatest football legends. 

Lastly, the third exhibition is one of the modern Chinese games. It is the smallest exhibition on this Chinese game and in it, the visitor is able to see the museum’s representation of the Cuju link to football. The spectators could learn the supposedly true history of the sport-related to football.