True progress comes through digress. The real short cut is going across and making connections where previously there were none. True pioneers see no clear distinction between success and failure – only potency and latency. And a lot of experimenting taking the latter to the former. Rarely has a new approach, a progressive turn or a reinvention not been as a misfit, a wrongdoing, a mistake, judging by habitual thinking. From airplanes, x-rays and radios to PCs and iPhones.

The Nordic Exceptional Trendshop 2011 is about progress through exceptional approaches, odd angles, and dissonant thinking. A celebration of the extraordinary and an excursion from habitual thinking. 10-15 of today’s international shapers of tomorrow come to Aarhus to shed and share their insights, working methods, results and ideas going forward. A large scale exhibition showcases prototypes, demos, and early products from the most groundbreaking, surprising and progressive R&D in the world. And a famed social track blends audience with limelighters, shakers with movers, and adds that exceptional and memorable NEXT touch to conference going.


Silly putty was original a rubber substitute created for use in the Second World War but, luckily, failed.

Cellophane was intended as a water proofer for tablecloths.

Penicillin was an accident caused by insufficient disinfection by Dr. Fleming before going on vacation.

Viagra failed as a chemical remedy for angina. However, male test persons would not give up excess pills from clinical tests.

The microwave oven was incidentally invented by Percy Spencer while testing a magnetron for radar sets – the candy bar in his pocket melted.

Teflon was discovered by Roy J. Plunkett in his attempt to develop a new gas for refrigeration. He ended up with a slick substance instead.