Brian Cox (British BBC TV host, celebrity and chief scientist af CERN/Large Hadron Collidor):

“NEXT was a unique and exciting experience. Aarhus is an excellent place to bring people together to talk about the frontiers of knowledge; not too big and not too small, and that’s a great description of NEXT. I met many stimulating (and useful!) people and heard some amazing talks.”

Adam Greenfield (Head of Design Direction for Nokia, Internationally acclaimed Author, Critical Futurist):

“At NEXT I expected to encounter novel viewpoints, trenchant arguments, insightful projects and friendly faces, and was not in the slightest disappointed. What I wasn’t necessarily expecting was how perfectly scaled the event was. In a Goldilocks world of conferences either too small to be worth your while or too vast to see and hear everything, NEXT got it Just Right.”

Regine Debatty (blogger/editor at WeMakeMoneyNotArt):

In an ideal life, we would all have time to read long reports about the state of the research on stem cells or of copyright in Brazilian music, we would never forget to check out gadget blogs from entry one to entry 76 every single day and we would get to meet the scientists, trend-hunters, robotic experts and culture-shakers that are shaping the world of tomorrow. In real life, we can still register for a crash course in innovation. It takes place each year in Denmark, it lasts just a couple of days and it’s called NEXT.”