Denmark’s largest city outside Copenhagen and a progressive epicenter in the Danish knowledge economy. Aarhus is one of Europe’s youngest cities with the highest number of students pr. 100 capita. The city has some 300,000 inhabitants and recent archeology suggest it is the oldest settlement in Denmark.


How will you handle the digital revolution? Aarhus has a high stake in the invention of programming languages from C++, Java, OO to .Net. World leading research in Human Computer interaction, cryptography, and Object Oriented software has led the city to an EU role model for cooperation and clustering.


No. 1 global transformation factor. Aarhus is the home to the largest concentration of knowledge based food industry jobs in Europe. Of late, industrial key competence has been met with a gourmet scene that attracts famous chefs from all over the world for inspiration.


Saving the world is big business. Aarhus is the home of world leading wind turbine manufacturer Vestas and recognized as the global wind capital. 90 miles from Aarhus, is the town of Lem, birth city of modern wind energy.


Apply thought and add digits. More than half of all architectural projects in Scandinavia are landed in Aarhus, that also has more than 3000 registered designers in downtown Aarhus.


Bye bye chemistry, hello data. Aarhus is a European spearhead in new ways of applying modern technologies to health challenges. Moreover, Aarhus is building a new University Hospital that will be the largest hospital compound in Europe.